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Your Law Firm’s CRM is NOT “Set It and Forget It”

Keeping the heartbeat of your law firm's client engagement strong requires more than just a set-and-forget strategy. Consider your Client Relationship Manager (CRM) the lifeline to your relationships and your firm's growth. But here's the catch: a CRM isn't a one-time ordeal. It's a dynamic tool (or even a set of tools) that thrives on attention and fine-tuning. Not only will technology always have its failures and occasional glitches, but your firm will/should also grow and adjust these systems as you do.

Task #1: Refining Email and SMS Engagement

Every message counts, but the truth is, your first shot at communication might not always score. That’s where the beauty of A/B testing comes into play. By evaluating email engagement rates, you can sharpen your firm's messaging to resonate with your audience. Remember, what doesn't get measured, doesn't get managed.

Task #2: Keep The Sales Cycle Going

You may have automated messaging for a year, but what if you’re seeing that your divorce leads are taking much longer than that to close? If the journey from lead to client is longer than expected, it’s time to extend your conversation. Analyze the tail end of your nurture campaigns and consider adding more touchpoints to maintain the connection. Or add in variations to speak with people more clearly. And if your current messaging isn’t working so well, refer to task #1.

Task #3: Check Your Tech

The last thing you want is a technical hiccup when a client decides to reach out. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a calendar link or call button fail, especially when someone is ready to get started. Be proactive in checking your call-to-actions to make sure you don’t send people to a dead phone line or link. Preventing dead links isn’t just maintenance, it’s a sign of respect for your potential new clients. Know what technology you are using and check it accordingly.

Task #4: Audit Your Activity Logs

Dive into your recent matters in each stage. Are they reflecting the smooth, precise operation you intended? This isn’t micromanagement, it's making sure your firm's promises and mission are upheld in every automated step.

Task #5: Run Rehearsals on Event Automations

There’s nothing worse than misfilled custom fields in reminder messaging, or meetings being missed because the reminders never went out. A quick solution is scheduling a mock event and making sure you get the desired outcomes. It's a proactive approach that not only improves client experience but also empowers your team to trust in the tools they use daily.

Task #6: Monitoring and Enhancing Your Reporting

Your firm's strategic decisions hinge on the accuracy of your data. Regularly review your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for accuracy and insights. And always be on the lookout for additional metrics that could further illuminate your path to success.

Task #7: Keeping Your System Refined

This is where creativity meets operations and analytics. Tinker with your CRM strategies like offering paid vs. free consultation types, or updating your intake forms with new qualifying questions. Small adjustments can lead to significant improvements in client acquisition and retention. And don’t forget to keep those engagement agreements up to date!

Task #8: Maintaining a Pristine Contact List

A clean contact list means better engagement and deliverability. Regularly scrub your list for inaccuracies to keep your communication channels clear and your reputation with Gmail and Outlook intact.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Don’t wait for a system hiccup to think about CRM maintenance. Or worse, a potential client letting you know about an issue. Schedule a meeting with LegalEase Marketing, and let's proactively polish your CRM to a shine. We're here to ensure that your client relationships are nurtured and your law firm's operations are seamless. We'll keep your CRM running smoothly, so you can focus on what you do best — running a law firm.



Ready to have your CRM built out with workflows and automations? We're not just some consultants. We're a team of strategists, automation builders, developers, and copywriters ready to make your dream operation into a reality. And we have the marketing team to put your systems into work once they are ready.

How are we different? We look at the whole picture. How are your leads ending up in your CRM? What do they experience every step of the way? Our team looks for the 1% chance of something happening and creates a process and workflow for it. As your firm grows, we help your technology usage develop along with it. 



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