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Messaging Makes Law Firm Automations Feel Less Automated

Your CRM is the ultimate wingman — always there to help, never missing a beat. But here's the kicker: your wingman needs to know the crowd. Otherwise, your intended audience will know that you’re using the same outdated pick up line every time. That's where customization swoops in to save the day — customized messaging to make sure your automations feel less automated.

The Blueprint to Personalized Automation

First things first, let's lay down the foundation. Every piece of data you gather is a golden nugget of opportunity to tailor your client's experience. Think of it like this: the more you know about someone, the better you can connect. We're talking about details like income, age, family status — these aren't just formalities, they're your keys to truly resonate with your clients.

Speak Their Language - Literally

Ever been to a party where you didn't speak the language? Awkward, right? Well, that's how your clients feel when there's a language barrier. How much would it suck to see a Spanish advertisement, and then all of the rest of your communication is in English? If your firm's rocking a bilingual vibe or you've got clients who prefer another language, make sure your CRM automations speak their language, from ads to emails (and everything in between). Keep it consistent to keep it cool.

Tailor It to Their Needs

If your firm's serving up a variety of offerings, your messaging should dish out the specifics they care about. Whether it's a family law firm focusing on divorce vs. prenups or an immigration law firm offering different visa types, focus on the client's request, their pain points, and the unique value you provide. Nailed it? You might just open the door to cross-selling later on.

Know Your Audience - And Everything You Can Do for Them

If you're a business attorney dealing with different industries, or an estate planning attorney targeting different life stages, your CRM automations should reflect that. It's about knowing who you're talking to and adjusting the tunes accordingly.

Take ‘Em Down Memory Lane

Remember that time you met someone who remembered your name and what you previously talked about? Felt good, didn't it? That's the feeling we're aiming for with CRM automations. If they downloaded a lead magnet or attended a webinar, talk to them like the familiar faces they are. This personal touch can make all the difference in nurturing that lead. And once you’re actually following up and nurturing these leads, you can make more decisions on the effectiveness of your marketing channels.

Bonus Tip: The Devil's in the Details

Here's a pro tip: Use custom fields in your CRM to capture the essence of each client. Train your team to fill these out with care, and voilà, your automated messages will feel like they were hand typed — and not some boilerplate follow up. But remember that the custom field will need to be written as if it flows with the messaging, or else this will backfire.

Ready to Plan Your Messaging?

Ready to craft automated messages that actually speak to your clients, without the robotic aftertaste? We've got the creative team and the tech strategists to map out a CRM filled with messages that hit home. Let's create a personalized journey for each client that walks through your digital door, with a personal touch that wins every time. Remember, it's not just about the data — it's about how you use it.



Ready to have your CRM built out with workflows and automations? We're not just some consultants. We're a team of strategists, automation builders, developers, and copywriters ready to make your dream operation into a reality. And we have the marketing team to put your systems into work once they are ready.

How are we different? We look at the whole picture. How are your leads ending up in your CRM? What do they experience every step of the way? Our team looks for the 1% chance of something happening and creates a process and workflow for it. As your firm grows, we help your technology usage develop along with it. 



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