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Leveraging Your Law Firm’s CRM for Better Marketing Results

The question we constantly get is how our law firm clients can best use their CRM for marketing purposes. It's time to shift gears from merely storing contact information to actively propelling your marketing efforts to new heights. Think of your CRM as your co-pilot, navigating through the noise, zeroing in on your target audience, and engaging them with precision. It's not just about having a CRM, it's about using it to create meaningful relationships and driving your firm's growth with every click, call, and conversation.

Nurturing Leads to Full Bloom

Imagine each lead as a seed; some may sprout, and others might not. But what if you could give every potential client the exact nutrients they need to grow? By tracking every interaction and automating them to happen, your CRM ensures that no lead falls through the cracks. It’s about quality and conversion — making sure the leads that come in are the right fit for your firm. You’ll know a lead is qualified because your CRM has been their companion from click to client.

Advertisement Targeting with Precision

The data within your CRM is a map, pointing you to where you should be aiming your marketing efforts. With it, you can tailor your ad creative and messages, ensuring that they strike a chord with the right audience. Platforms like Meta become your playground for creating audiences with your data, and tools like Zapier, your magic wand, syncing click IDs with Google to track those real conversions.

Crafting Segmented Touch Points

Your contacts are unique, each with their own stories and needs. Your CRM is the tool to use for personal connection, segmenting contacts so you can tailor your communication and content tone to each group. This isn't just about sending emails, it's about creating a dialogue that resonates, making each person you know feel seen, heard, and remembered.

Ready to Make Marketing Moves?

Your CRM is a tool, but you need the right handyman to use it. That's where we come in. Schedule a meeting with our team, and we'll lay the groundwork for the tracking, reporting, and integrations that create a seamless dance between your CRM and marketing efforts. Whether it’s aligning your tactics, or enhancing your current strategy, we’re here to push your technology to its limit to grow your firm.



Ready to have your CRM built out with workflows and automations? We're not just some consultants. We're a team of strategists, automation builders, developers, and copywriters ready to make your dream operation into a reality. And we have the marketing team to put your systems into work once they are ready.

How are we different? We look at the whole picture. How are your leads ending up in your CRM? What do they experience every step of the way? Our team looks for the 1% chance of something happening and creates a process and workflow for it. As your firm grows, we help your technology usage develop along with it. 



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