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Then There’s Us.

Would you give your business to a marketing agency where the only experience with the law they have is watching Judge Judy? Better yet, would you give your business to an attorney marketing content mill where you never get to meet the people you’re handing over your hard-earned money to for cookie-cutter marketing plans? At LegalEase Marketing, we started as a collaboration of a successful law firm owner and knowledgeable marketers. We understand what your firm needs and how to cut through the noise.

There Are 
"Law Firm Marketers".

You Want Your Firm To Grow.

So Do We.

Any agency can say that they’re experts, but we truly are. We’re expert copywriters, designers, and marketers who know how to set your firm apart from the rest through creative that is anything but stock photos of gavels. Instead, we specialize in tailor-made strategies that are proven to deliver results. So why waste money on marketing agencies that continue to gloss over results? At LegalEase Marketing, we pride ourselves on being transparent and translating marketing jargon into the language that matters to your firm and your livelihood. We know that marketing is an investment, and we will always keep you updated on how your budget is utilized and will never sell you anything your firm doesn’t need.

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The Plan You Were Never Presented 

...Until Now.


Why are your PPC campaigns not working? Most likely because of your other efforts. Marketing doesn't work through siloed tactics -- it requires a full plan. This is where we begin with all of our marketing clients. We create a full plan for your firm. From there, we will execute it together and take your firm to the next level.

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