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What Should I Name My Law Firm?

It’s all in a name

Did you know that the most popular baby names for 2021 were Olivia and Liam? Now you do! Each year, the lists of most popular baby names help soon-to-be parents choose the perfect name, limiting the possibility of little Johnny becoming Johnny #3 in his kindergarten class. When it comes time to name your real baby — your law firm — however, there is a noticeable lack of baby-naming guides to help.

Enter: LegalEase. We’ve combined our firm ownership experience with our digital marketing expertise to help other attorneys reach their target audiences and level up their businesses, and we’re here to help you take one of the biggest steps law firm parents owners will take — naming your firm. In this guide, the team at LegalEase will break down some of the basic components of law firm names to help you land on the perfect name for your business.

The Building Blocks of a Firm Name

While we have grown quite used to seeing the tried-and-true Name & Partners/Associates rubric being followed, there are countless components firm owners can (and should) use when deciding on their firm name. With that said, be careful not to name your firm solely based on what sounds “cool” or what you think clients will gravitate towards. At the end of the day, your firm name is one of the first elements of your brand that potential new clients will see — and it should serve as an extension of your firm rather than a flashy afterthought. By allowing your firm’s name to lead the rest of your brand, you can create a cohesive ecosystem for your firm to exist in.

Positive Language

We don’t suggest naming your firm #Winning, but we do encourage you to use positive language when deciding on a law firm name. Words like power, victory, and valiant help connote an air of excellence without coming straight out and saying: “Look at us, we’re awesome.” Of course, you’ll need to back up these claims (we know you will,) but using positive language in your firm name can instill confidence in your clients that you’re the firm with all the answers.

Track Record

The importance of reputation in the legal profession cannot be overstated, and incorporating your track record into your firm’s name can have a significant impact on its success. No, you don’t need to put your law school GPA in your firm name (though we are impressed that you maintained a 3.6 and did Law Review!) Instead, phrases that convey your sterling reputation can be a great help — be they in reference to your credibility, your winning record, or your legacy.

Practice Area

There’s nothing wrong with casting with a wide net, but you might be a bit disappointed when your cast doesn’t yield your desired return. Including a reference to your practice area(s) in your firm name can help narrow down your search for new clients while also helping clients find the right firm for their needs. Tread carefully when alluding to a specific practice area, as certain Bar Associations may prohibit law offices who include a practice area in their branding from practicing any other type of law — thus pigeonholing your firm in a way that would put Seth Rogen to shame.


Above all else, potential new clients want to know that they can rely on your firm to give them the guidance they need. Therefore, your firm name should inspire trust. In some cases, attaching your name to your firm can be the endorsement new clients need — and make them feel like they are working with a real person as opposed to a corporate machine.


This building block is less “what to include in your firm name” and more “what not to include.” According to the ABA’s Model Rule of Professional Conduct, firms are not to:

  • Suggest that your firm is part of a government agency, i.e. FBI Law Firm

  • Use the name of a lawyer who currently holds a public office

  • Create a false partnership with another lawyer or law firm

While these guidelines have since been removed, some states still abide by them — so we suggest you steer clear.

Level Up Your Name Game

By incorporating these building blocks into your law firm’s name, you can ensure that your clients have an idea of who you are and what you’re about before they step foot in your office — and you can increase your odds of escorting new clients out with a signed engagement agreement in hand.

Though your firm’s name is a valuable tool, it’s just one piece of the puzzle — and the team at LegalEase already has all the corner pieces laid out for you.



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