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Pushing Your Law Firm CRM Beyond Sales Intake

When you think about the core tools that propel your law firm forward, the Client Relationship Manager (CRM) might not be the first thing that pops into your head beyond intake processes — but maybe it should be. It's more than just a sales intake tool; it’s the Swiss Army knife in your digital toolkit, waiting to unleash its full potential. Think of your CRM as the central nervous system of your business operations, beyond the confines of sales and intake, it's a goldmine for nurturing relationships, gathering invaluable insights, and streamlining operations in ways you may not have imagined.

Collect Reviews and Feedback

Turn insights into action by capturing the voices of your clients – both the vocal ones and the whispers. Implement automated processes using custom forms to collect this vital feedback at different milestones. When a matter closes or after a meaningful interaction, trigger a request for a review. It's about the genuine, constructive insights that can transform the way you do business. This continuous loop of feedback can be the difference between a firm that grows and one that stagnates. And it doesn’t hurt to automatically ask for those valued Google reviews.

Nurture Your Contacts, Not Just Clients

A contact today could be your client tomorrow, or better yet, a referral source that keeps on giving. Your CRM is your best networking buddy, helping you categorize contacts like fellow attorneys and referral partners. It's all about nurturing these relationships with automated touches, staying top of mind without the manual labor of traditional follow-ups. Think of it as your automated assistant, working 24/7 to keep you connected with the professional community around you.

Book Guests for Content Creation

Content is king, but collaboration is the crown jewel. Your CRM should simplify the way you engage with fellow creators. Imagine a workflow that not only schedules these guests effortlessly but also arms them with promotional assets to share their collaboration with your firm. It's about creating a seamless experience that encourages your guests to become brand ambassadors, extending your reach into new audiences.

Get Creative with It

The true magic of a CRM lies in its flexibility and adaptability. With customizable fields and triggers for automated actions, your CRM can become whatever you need it to be. Whether it's managing event attendance, increasing engagement, or even aiding in certain aspects of case management, the potential is only capped by your imagination.

Unlock the Potential of Your CRM

Your CRM isn’t just a tool, it's a member of your team — one that works tirelessly to keep your firm connected, informed, and ahead of the curve. If you're only using your CRM for sales intake, you're just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Let’s chat about how we can help you break new ground with your CRM, crafting a system that’s as ambitious and forward-thinking as your firm. Don't just collect contacts, cultivate connections that grow your practice in ways you've never imagined.



Ready to have your CRM built out with workflows and automations? We're not just some consultants. We're a team of strategists, automation builders, developers, and copywriters ready to make your dream operation into a reality. And we have the marketing team to put your systems into work once they are ready.

How are we different? We look at the whole picture. How are your leads ending up in your CRM? What do they experience every step of the way? Our team looks for the 1% chance of something happening and creates a process and workflow for it. As your firm grows, we help your technology usage develop along with it. 



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