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Copywriter vs. DIY vs. AI

It’s 2049, and intelligent flying robots are delivering groceries to your living quarters, screens are replacing fast food cashiers, and software is writing The Odyssey. Actually, it’s 2022 — and all of those things are happening today. Well, maybe writing software isn’t quite on the level of Homer, but drone Amazon deliveries and contactless ordering at McDonald’s have both very much arrived.

Writing software has become a popular choice for brands, organizations, and law firms looking to easily create content for SEO. Platforms like Jasper are able to spit out high-performing copy with little input in a matter of seconds, and some of it is honestly pretty good. Unfortunately, Google’s ability to detect writing that is not “human-written” is also quite refined.

For the time being, AI still appears to be safe — but in the event that the search engine behemoth cracks down, law firm owners will be left with two choices: churning out their own content, or hiring a real-life professional to do it for them.

DIY or Don’t?

At this point, we know what you’re thinking: I went to law school for cryin’ out loud! I know how to write! Of course, but legal writing and copywriting are distant cousins at best. Whereas legal writing is for utility, copywriting aims to engage readers through storytelling — and ultimately convince them to act.

With that said, old dogs can learn new tricks! Attorneys and law firm owners who aren’t completely stuck in their law school ways can rethink their approach to writing, and successfully DIY their written content. However, old habits die hard — and balling up your existing writing style isn’t easy to do. Failure to completely shake the legal writing background can lead to clunky copy, low engagement, and content which lacks a clear voice. Our advice? DIY your bathroom remodel, not your copy.

The Difference a Copywriter Can Make

Your clients don’t trust your firm because you wear great suits and a winning smile, but because you’re a professional. Your training and expertise makes a difference in the lives of your clients, and it’s what separates you from every other attorney in town. (The smile does help, though!)

A professional copywriter is no different. Though they might be working with the same deck (there are only so many words in the English language, after all), they can do more with the cards they’re dealt. While it might sound like something you’d see on one of those Facebook ads for hyper-specific t-shirts, copywriters are equal parts storyteller and salesperson. Their job is to convince potential new clients to give your firm a chance, without coming across like a telemarketer. This is a delicate balancing act, but the right copywriter can toe the line in a way that would make a tightrope walker sweat. The result? Content which is engaging, cohesive, human, and effective. In other words: Stuff real people will actually read.

The Final Word

Google might be keeping a watchful eye on AI-generated content, but many businesses are still relying on this tactic. We don’t blame them! AI-generated copy can put up impressive numbers in terms of search rankings, (hopefully) leading to more eyeballs and more business. But, a content strategy built solely on AI is a house of cards — and Google could send the whole thing tumbling down with a single click.

Whether you DIY your content or call in a professional copywriter, the human element is something you can’t replicate. Even if Google can’t completely tell the difference (yet), other humans can — and written content is far from immune to the dreaded uncanny valley. If you’re not ready to risk building your content strategy on shaky ground, the humans at LegalEase can help.



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