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Why Your Law Firm Slogan Matters

Something that sticks

What’s the catchiest law firm slogan you know? Central Floridians — and now most Americans with TV sets — will be familiar with a large firm’s slogan “for the people,” and this well-known slogan accomplishes a number of important goals. For one: It’s short, sweet, and straightforward. On the other hand, it’s both clear and just vague enough to carry multiple meanings.

It doesn’t take a massive firm with a gargantuan marketing machine to come up with a winning slogan, however, and small law firm owners might recognize that a slogan is actually more important the smaller your firm is.

From the team at LegalEase: Here’s why your law firm slogan matters — and what steps you can take to make sure your slogan sticks.

How are Slogans Used?

Be they in advertising campaigns or as a component of your firm’s name, slogans are a way for businesses to communicate a mission statement in so few words. For law firm owners, firm slogans can be a way to reinforce the firm’s reputation and brand identity while inspiring feelings of trust in potential clients. A slogan is only as powerful as its meaning, and business owners should avoid shibboleth: a slogan that isn’t actually saying anything — like ATN’s “We Hear For You” from Succession.

Tell Your Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good slogan may be worth an entire ad campaign. Slogans like “Think Different,” “Just Do It,” and “The Happiest Place on Earth” tell consumers exactly what they need to know about their respective brands, and law firms can use this same tool to tell their story. Slogans like “Trusted Advisors to Trusted Businesses” inform potential new clients that your firm is an authority in the industry — while reminding existing clients that, if they’re a client of yours, they must be an esteemed business. Find a way to tell your story through your slogan, and clients will feel like they know you before they step foot in your office.

Differentiate from Your Competition

Despite the ever-changing legal landscape, there are still only so many practice areas. Therefore, a slogan can help your business stand out in a sea of competitors. The iconic scene from Mad Men comes to mind, with Don Draper explaining that even though all cigarette companies toast their tobacco, Lucky Strike’s slogan “It’s toasted!” means that everyone else’s cigarettes are poisonous — but Lucky’s are toasted. Similarly, while hundreds of competing family law firms may provide creative solutions for their clients, your slogan “creative solutions for Colorado families” will set you apart.

Target a Key Demographic

While many law firm slogans tell a similar story — “we’ll fight for you,” “the firm that cares,” etc. — the slogan is a great opportunity to target a demographic that might be looking for something a little different. New York firm Harris Beach gained some serious attention with their slogan “Lawyers you’ll swear by. Not at.”, presumably targeting a demographic of customers who are looking to laugh with their lawyers. This witty slogan is far from the only way to target a particular demographic, but it is proof that law firm owners should not be afraid from infusing a bit of personality into their slogans. After all, you want the attention of people, not lawyers.

For Slogans That Stick, Partner With LegalEase

A slogan is an important detail to a law firm’s brand, but it isn’t the only detail — and your slogan should compliment your firm’s marketing strategy rather than being its sole strategy. An effective law firm slogan can be the difference between exceeding your business goals and falling flat, and partnering with LegalEase can help your firm soar to new heights.

Ready for takeoff? Then reach out to the team at LegalEase!



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